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15/07/2014 at 18:07

The mockery that is British government today the 15th July

Houses of Parliament

Update, 24/07/2014: Liberty lodging legal challenge against new UK data retention #DRIP laws

15 July 2014. It’s 7 pm UK time, the British government is rushing controversial intelligence proposals through Parliament in just 3 days, and what do we have on the BBC and C4 evening news? Which Ministers come and which go in Cameron’s latest reshuffle! UK gov is effectively stifling debate on an issue that affects every citizen in the British Isles.

I’m not sure which is worse. That the front benches of the three main political parties have joined together to lie down and kow-tow to their security-service masters. Or that this government seems to think that strengthening Britain’s ability to defy the wishes of the European Court of Justice is somehow a good thing!

In the process the government is making a mockery of democracy in Britain. It is making a mockery of Parliament, condemning it to a future in which no-one with any sense of democracy or justice will take it seriously. And it is making a mockery of the British political party system, in which only a few courageous back-benchers dare think for themselves on issues that will determine everyday life for their constituents.

And as for the BBC. Never more clearly has it shown how the budget cuts have removed its ability to question government in an independent manner. State broadcaster? Very clearly! And even Channel 4 is not reporting a vital debate in Parliament today.

I despair of my country sometimes, I really do. Does no-one in power have any sense of the danger of what is happening? The answer, it seems, is no. So what is going to happen come election-time next year? We all bury our heads in the sand and vote the same old way?

It’s time for some new leadership in Britain.

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