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11/12/2017 at 13:25

Short shorts

Short shorts



Short shorts
– being a compilation of instant, sometimes off-the-cuff reactions to day-to-day reportings ……


Print news dead? Some countries simply manage better

11/12/2017. I’m so tired of hearing the constant claims that print news is dead, and everyone wants to read online. It’s simply not true! What most people want is to have news and current affairs available in a convenient way. If that convenience is a printed paper at the breakfast table (as it used to be across Britain in the past), then that is what most would go for (it could also be radio, but that is another story). So while news corporations desperately try to shrink costs (and usually end up cutting their own throats by slashing journalist staff), they abjectly fail to do what they are supposed to do – go out and sell the paper, and ensure its distribution network. Personally I would sack such so-called managers. In some countries they manage these things rather better, and the print news sector thrives.
BTW, I note the Guardian is next to impossible to obtain in Brussels, and even when possible it is from the previous day.

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