Is your toilet paper really paper? Or plastic waste?

Toilet rolls25/09/2020. While looking online for a fresh supply of those valuable Covid-19 items, toilet rolls, I was shocked to discover recently that certain brands were actually made partially of recycled plastic. Maybe I’m being naive, but I do consider myself to be responsible person, environmentally speaking, and try to do my bit for the planet. So I was peeved, to say the least, to find that using what I thought was a harmless daily item, toilet paper, could be further poisoning the planet.

Recent evidence of plastic pollution in the world’s oceans has made us all think harder about the uses of plastic in our society. Supermarkets are banning the use of single-use plastic bags for that reason. And the Covid-19 pandemic has brought even higher levels of plastic waste – when you can see disposable masks thrown away on paths, in parks and in the rivers, you can only guess at the quantities disposed of correctly.

But to find that a product which I have always thought of as innocuous, namely ‘toilet paper’, is actually doing harm, is a shock. Some brands of toilet rolls available from major suppliers online are not actually made from paper, but recycled plastic. How can anyone be concerned about plastic pollution in the environment when each of us, everyday, could be adding to the problem without even thinking about it?

Toilet paper should be made from paper. No ifs, no buts, no additional components. Just paper. Otherwise we might just as well give up and accept that the human race is going to poison itself to death, and not worry about it.

Some people might think exactly that – just give up and not bother. Me? I don’t know where future society is going, but one thing I am going to do is make sure that what is on the label is just what it says. Paper.

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  1. Thought provoking piece. Thanks.

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