African voiceBy Odimegwu Onwumere

It does not take a male child from the same parents or parent as you to be your brother. Some persons who have brothers are crying that they have none, while others without them are always crying, asking questions upon questions, why not.

Many people have found their brothers in their friends; likewise, many have found their enemies in their brothers. This is the world we are in. Some are crying while others are laughing. Some are even experiencing both. What does it take to make a brother? It only takes two persons to be brothers, irrespective of genealogy.

It was in the days of our fathers that love of a brother was supreme.
Hardly these days – the bond that once held families together has
been pierced by an unknown enemy who has sold discord to humanity.
Humane and charitable hearts are scarce.

Believing that ancestry makes people brothers is a fallacy in the present day. People can only be siblings. But brotherly love can be found in persons who are not related to you in any way, except that they are human beings.

It is crassness to believe that if somebody is your brother, then the axiom that blood is thicker than water rules. Brotherly relationships have to be worked on, just as friends work on their relationships. Some brothers take this for granted, believing that since parentage is assured, then no love is lost. This is a notion that has held mankind down for ages.

Birth is an accident, and not a choice. Is friendship which is a choice not better than that which happened by accident? Some friends are brothers in disguise.

Some of our childhood friends are the ones who are our real brothers, not the brother who knows nothing about childhood memories and grown-up dreams.

Many times our friends are there for us, not our brothers. More brothers knock down dreams than friends can possibly imagine. Many friends are brothers given to us by nature, and many brothers are enemies given to us the same way. What is a brother when you cannot leave him or trust him? Some brothers would want a brother drowned; an emotion a friend would eschew – rather help make the crossing.

Brothers no longer agree thanks to selfish motivations. Brothers no
longer endure brothers; they reject their brothers. They no longer know each other’s hearts. Confidential issues with brothers are often exposed in nervous form. Having brothers means enduring family feuds and quarrels. Brothers these days may love outsiders rather than family. Brothers can despise brothers because of relationships with their fiancées. Or even their wives!

There is no longer justice or teamwork or kindheartedness or compassion among brothers, but these can be found among friends. It is foolery – the continuous acclamation that blood is thicker than water. It is simply that water has taken the place of blood.

Blessed be those who see a brother beyond parentage.

Odimegwu Onwumere
Rivers State
Mobile: +2348032552855

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