Cyber security tips for journalists (The List)

NUJ BrusselsUpdated 25/05/2017. This page is an attempt to compile some of the online resources available to help journalists improve their online security.

Need to take online security seriously

That journalists need to think about such matters is not in doubt – there have been more than enough revelations from Edward Snowden, the UK Hacking Inquiry, the European Parliament Inquiry into surveillance (2014) and more.

Many of the techniques outlined below are commonsense for anyone working online in the 21st century, and some are relatively simple to do. However they cannot be recommended, since as one Guardian expert commented at an NUJ/Guardian conference in 2014, if every journalist started using one technique, the spooks would give that method special attention.

So, if you think your role as a journalist is similar to that of a shipwreck survivor, adrift on a raft in an ocean of hungry sharks, your assessment is probably about right. Consider that those sharks probably include the state security agencies, foreign spies, criminals, under-employed young people and assorted neer-do-wells, and you’ll be in the right frame of mind to start improving your cyber security.

Here’s some background: The Control Culture – stories that reflect the pre-occupation of governments with surveillance and control of their citizens

But no guarantees can be offered! Good luck, and see you when you reach the shore …

The List

More to follow

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