Daily Telegraph supports Jeremy Corbyn for Labour leadership

Daily Telegraph (UK) 15/07/2015. Today that doyenne of middle England, the Daily Torygraph, put out a piece supporting Jeremy Corbyn for leader of the Labour party, suggesting that he is winning the race for the leadership.

According to another story in the paper, Mr Corbyn has already “taken a ‘commanding position’ ahead of his rivals Andy Burnham, Yvette Cooper and Liz Kendall.”

DT’s editorial must have been embarrassed about showing its support for Mr Corbyn, because rather than a reporter’s byline the piece was signed by the “Telegraph Comment Desk”. Which made it difficult to know who to contact for any further comment.

But still, it is encouraging to know that the strength of Mr Corbyn’s campaign is recognised even by his direst political opponents. The Telegraph acknowledges Mr Corbyn’s achievement despite his perceived handicaps of a) having a beard, and b) being a socialist.

Even with these disadvantages, the paper was clear about its support, explaining in detail how voters can join the Labour party, pay their £3 for membership, and vote for Mr Corbyn as Labour’s next leader.

It is always encouraging to see examples of true vision in newspaper editorial. And that the future direction of politics in the UK is recognised this far ahead even by a conservative news publication. Truly, the paper must have a fortune-teller on its editorial staff!

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