Stay with us Scotland

Update: 31/08/2020. I wrote the original article below in 2014. But the sentiments remain the same. David Bowie is, unfortunately, no longer with us. The Union, fortunately, is, and I hope will continue to be.

I cannot imagine the United Kingdom without Scotland as an integral part of it. There is simply too much shared history. Too many contributions from Scots to the story of Britain for any absence not to be ground-shaking.

And, as someone who lived for 30 years in Belgium, a country which has layers of government like you wouldn’t believe, I can say with certainty that more government means more taxes. When you have a federal government, a regional government and a local government (Brussels itself has no less than 19 communes, each with their own town hall), don’t be surprised if tax levels approach 50% or more. Salaries have to be paid.

You Scots have always had this reputation for being financially prudent. Perhaps that’s why so many UK Chancellors have come from north of the border. In the past some people used rather more derogatory descriptions, but, having also lived in Holland for five years, I know such descriptions to be subjective.

Finance and taxes aside, the emotional argument remains for me the more powerful. Stay with us Scotland. The UK needs your common sense. We need you.

Scotland, stay with us


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