BBC Electric Ride – 4000 mile electric tour Europe

BBC Electric RideOn Monday 7th June 2010, an enterprising team of broadcasters set off on a 4000 mile electric grand tour of Europe.

Ten countries, eight different languages and one month later, they returned to London with a wealth of experience, much of it recorded online. During the journey they talked to major European carmakers and their plans for launching new electric cars, visited cities that are already establishing networks of charging stations, and asked politicians what they’re doing to promote the electric cause.

The BBC Radio 4 website hosted a live interactive map of the trip showing the group’s progress (see, and a series of radio programmes were broadcast on BBC Radio 4 in July 2010. In addition the BBCelectricride Facebook page was updated during the trip with a selection of photos and video programmes (see

By the end of the trip, the team had gained an impression of the state of electric-car manufacturing and policy across the continent, and heard from numbers of people along the way on whether they would switch to an electric car or not.

The Electric Ride started and finished in the UK and passed through Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Germany, Austria, Italy, Spain, Portugal and France; the journey took around a month.

The team – senior producer Kevin Dawson, producer Rose De Larrabeiti, presenter Peter Curran, technical presenter Richard Scrase.

The car – a THINK city (see

More information – contact Richard Scrase, or +44 7787 794250 (m).

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