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03/03/2017 at 13:12

The Control Culture

Control culture





A selection of articles that illustrate the pre-occupation of governments with monitoring and controlling their citizens.

This post re-instated 03/2017 after being, somewhat mysteriously, deleted from the blog – yet again. Apparently there are some who do not believe in the freedom of the press.





2014 and earlier

01/12/2014 – Intercept: US and UK agencies used Regin malware to target EU institutions and Belgian telco

“In the coming weeks, The Intercept will publish more details about Regin and the infiltration of Belgacom as part of an investigation in partnership with Belgian and Dutch newspapers De Standaard and NRC Handelsblad”

01/12/2014 – Regin: Symantec brief

01/12/2014 – System designed to trawl vast quantities of biometric data

28/11/2014 – Guardian: GCHQ whistleblower calls for public interest defence – ‘enraged by the subterfuge and potential blackmail ..’

05/11/2014 – How Bahrain spies on British soil

03/11/2014 – Intercept: Italian spyware sold worldwide shows just how easy it is to monitor people

29/10/2014 – GCHQ views data without a warrant, government admits

27/10/2014 – Your smartphone is a security liability

23/09/2014 – BIJ (UK) challenges UK government in European court over surveillance of journalists’ communications

23/09/2014 – Australia offers master class in exploiting terrorism fears to increase population control

26/08/2014 – NSA communications-analysis engine – NSA playing God with European private lives still

18/07/2014 – Edward Snowden says journalists must encrypt communications

07/07/2014 – ECJ grants victory to Dutch MEP’s 5-year campaign on access to #SWIFT legal ruling. But MEP says 5 years in court is not transparency

05/07/2014 – Das Erste: NSA targets the privacy-conscious

05/07/2014 – Mexico: Everybody needs net neutrality

05/07/2014 – EU national Parliaments want final say over any EU/US trade deals

19/06/2014 – Intercept: More European governments involved in NSA’s surveillance dragnet

19/06/2014 – Reuters: EU countries need stricter controls to protect citizens from spying

18/06/2014 – US tech giants concerned about loss of trust in their customers’ privacy

18/06/2014 – Why GCHQ can monitor anyone using a Gmail address

14/06/2014 – Inside Edward Snowden’s life as a robot

09/06/2014 – Noam Chomsky – A surveillance state beyond imagination is being created

09/06/2014 – Guardian: Vodafone reveals existence of fixed wiretaps enabling state surveillance

09/06/2014 – NY Times: Google, Yahoo, MS, FB et al start to improve email encryption for customers

28/01/2014 – NBC – on British spying on YouTube and Facebook

27/01/2014 – European court asks UK gov to justify GCHQ spying activities

27/01/2014 – UK gov blocking potential EU/US no-spy pact

27/01/2014 – NSA has radio-based access into offline PCs

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